Apple is preparing the screen with a convex buttons

Is Apple preparing next revolution? The company submitted an interesting invention to the patent office – a flexible touch screen, which can form a convex buttons.

The idea of the screens physically reacting to our touch and influencing the sense of touch is not new. Enough to remind the Japanese mobile network KDDI, which worked on a vibrating coat that covers the screen, or a Swedish company Senseg and its E-Sense system, that witch a use of electric field that causes a feeling of touching the surface of any texture. However, Apple\’s patent goes even further – the new screens would physically deform, creating on its surface a convex buttons matching to currently running application.

The implementation of such a thing is possible with a help of flexible OLED screens. It is worth noting that this would be not only interesting gadget for people used to typing on physical keyboards, but also a huge convenience for the blind.

If Apple elaborates its idea, it can be expected that it will again designate standards on the tablet and smart phones market.